Cue the Rocky music because up next to step into the ring is Charlie's Uncle, Richard. He will be taking part in a white collar boxing match on 25th November to help raise money for equipment for Charlie. We all know that Richard takes great pride in his health and fitness, this will finally be put to the test when he gloves up. The fight will be taking place in Camden. More details to follow shortly.

Another tombola, another reason for Charlie, Edd and Richard to get dressed up. This time it was outside Millers Barbers in Petts Wood. Many Thanks to Millers for allowing us to plot outside and for the excellant raffle prizes that they donated. Whilst Aimee, Janine and Michelle were busy on the stall, Charlie, Edd and Richard walked around Petts Wood  dressed up as Batman, The Joker and a Elephant!!??. Over £350 was raised, many thanks to all who donated and came over to support


The Ice bucket challenge came back with a vengenace for Cheeky Charlie's Fund. Started off by Emma and Ben Tovey, people from all over took part to help raise money and get a very cold soaking in the process.Some even dressed up for it, none being better then Debbie Spiers (definatlely the best). we even had a celebrity take part in the challenge- none other than Walford's (EastEnders for the uneducated) very own Derek Branning, Mr Jamie Forman who to Charlie's delight nominated not only his Uncle's but his support assistant at school. BRRRRRRRRRRRRR

Spellbound Parties have been more thsn spellbounding with there help for Charlie. having already helped out back in Easter, the company then allowed us to do a tombola at one of there events on Bank Holiday Monday. A huge thanks to Clare who even though she dresses as a Princess for a living, is a Queen of our heart.

Morrisons were brilliant in allowing us to have a cake sale and a tombola outside the store entrance. Shoppers came over and bought up pretty much all of the cakes that we  had on offer. Both Aimee and Edd spent a couple of days prior to the event baking and decorating. Many Thanks as well to Richenda Tadman  whose cakes were the first to sell out. As well as two employees who spent the day dressed up as Charlie's two favourite superheros, the other dynamic duo Janine Flynn and Michelle Martin spent the day orgnaising the tombola and getting people over. Over £800 was raised. Thank you

A massive, massive thank you to Janine Flynn who has been one of the main driving forces behind this fundraising. Not only did she complete a sky dive- jumping out of a plan at 20,000 feet. She has done numerous tombolas and cake sales. Janine is a Mother from Charlie's school who after seeing Charlie and realising how important the wheelchair is for him, has gone through hell and high water for him. Armed with one of her best friends Michelle Martin the pair have been nothing but supportive of the cause. From standing outside Morrisons on a Saturday morning selling cakes to giving up her Bank holiday Monday to to a tombola in a pub. We could not have done this without you. Thank You.

Aimee and Charlie attended an assembly at St James' R.C Primary school in Petts Wood. Having heard about the campaign for Charlie's fundraising for a new chair. The school were eager to help out and helped to raise over £260. Charlie really enjoyed his morning with the children. Thank You.

The One Inn The Wood held a raffle on Saturday 2nd July. Barry and Sarah who own the micro pub in Petts Wood had heard all about Charlie and the continuing fundraising for a new wheelchair through a school friend. Going above and beyond to make the raffle a suceess they went out of there way to secure some great raffle prizes. Including a personal training session with a renowned trainer, a reflexology treatment pack and of course lots of alcohol.


Charlie was asked to pick the raffle which he did as always with his trademark cheeky smile and mischievious streak. The good patrons of the pub turned up in force and made sure there was not an empty seat inside or outside the pub available. The ground total from the evening has not been disclosed yet, but that is down to Barry and Sarah holding to get a little bit more for Charlie.

Coffee Morning a.k.a Breakfast Of Champions 


Helen Williams organised a fantastic morning of tea, cakes and tray bakes at the Crofton Baptist Church on 10th June 2016. Mums from Crofton School and patrons of the church attended to make this an absolute success, Caraline Thompson approached the local business in Petts Wood for donations and raffle prizes and came up trumps. Raffle tickets were also sold by the Mums at Crofton School. A huge thanks to both of them as £1,500 was helped raised, how's that for a slice of fried gold?

Wayne Fulham also ran the marathon in April. Initially doing the 26 mile run to raise money for The British Heart Foundation after his Mother suffered a heart attack a few years back. After seeing the fund raising events that had been going on for Charlie and his new wheelchair, Wayne decided to give the remaining money to him. A fantastic contribution of £330 was donated towards the chair. Thank Youv very much to Wayne and his family


Thomasin's Marathon


So you may of all heard there was a marathon on 26th April 2016- some call it a fun run - If say compared to a holiday in North Korea then perhaps there is some fun to be had ( sorry Kim un Jong but it's nothing like the brochures! ).

But if like me fun is usually a prequel to size and a chocolate bar then you may struggle to see why anyone would put themselves through such a gruelling challenge.


One lady took on the challenge to help our very own Charlie Bolton.
The incredible Thomasin Freeman went through 5hrs 30minutes of the most intense physical and mental pressure to raise money to help Charlie to continue to push the boundaries and be him , not the boy with SMA. Not to mention all of the months of training and preparation she undertook to ensure she not only make it to the end but she did it in such an impressive time.


Charlie was there to cheer Thomasin on , complete with matching Batman outfit for Charlie! He was so excited to see her running with all of the other superheroes. Batman has been Charlie's favourite superhero for years and although I don't think that will change anytime soon ( there must be some merchandise he doesn't have) but to Charlie and his whole family Thomasin is the embodiment of what it is to be a real hero.


It is all to easy to see the travesties that occur daily throughout the world and be overwhelmed with a feeling of helplessness, that as individuals there is nothing we can do to change things.
Well Thomasin is proof that one person can make the mightiest of impacts, because she didn't just run 26miles on one day, she spent time away from her family in order to train for the marathon and raised a fantastic amount of money aswell. This money will help to get Charlie things that don't just make his life easier but things that allow him something all children are entitled to - to be free from worry and just be children. He doesn't have to be excluded from activities because he can't take part, and he can enjoy the friendships he has made, particularly with Christopher, Thomasin's son.

Our journey with SMA started 6 years ago and it hasn't been an easy one, however the reason we can continue to not just struggle through it but to laugh everyday and enjoy the world with Charlie is because of people like Thomasin. Her bravery and kindness have given us much more than she can know.


So from all of us here - Thomasin Freeman we thank you (and probably owe you a G&T or 2!) xxx

The Return Of The Bromley Bomber


A close family friend Darren Waitson took part in a amateur boxing fight in Camden on December 4th 2015. This was his second fight having already fought 6 months before. He won that fight on points, and with having Charlie with him ringside on this one he didn't want to disappoint. He didn't, he knocked his opponent out in the 3rd round and dedicated his win to Charlie, raising £465 in the process. An incredible achievement thanks Darren, looking forward to the next fight at Madison Square Gardens.



Imogen's Colour Run


Well done to Imogen Adams who took part in a Colour run. For the uneducated that is not your normal run. Try running 5km whilst at every km that you run, you are doused in paint. So to recap you start the race looking like a model for a Persil advert and finish the race lookin like a Jackson Pollack painting. Imogen raised £170 for Charlie's fund an amazing achievement. Many thanks Imogen.












Charlie's New Trike


Having seen all other children his age on bikes, the next step was to get Charlie one. Nothing is just that easy for a child with a disability. The trike that he needed and that would be suitable and adaptable for his condition was a specialised bike. It also happens to be a lot more expensive then a standard trike. So Halfords you can sit this one out. A Quiz was held at the Chequers pub in Petts wood where we managed successfully to raise the funds needed. Scampi, nuggets, Chips, and some good banter helped us raise the money and Charlie had his brand new trike. Massive thank you to all those who attended and thanks again to Chequers, you done us proud and we hope to use you again.




Good Luck to Emma Rowland who is taking part in the Run To The Beat Marathon that is taking place on Sunday 28th October. All the money that she raises will be going towards equipment for Charlie. It is a half marathon which starts and finish's at the O2 in Greenwich. If anyone would like to sponsor her then please use the contact us page on here. Good Luck Emma and we will see you at the finish line!







Ok so if I told you that Bananaman, Scooby doo, Spiderman and some very questionable looking Spice girls, amongst many others were hanging round Kelsey Park on the 22nd of August, you would be forgiven for thinking it was just a Fathers for justice reunion.

However the real reason was to raise some serious money, eat some cake and enjoy the great British weather for an afternoon- and as a humerous by-product seriously confuse some kids! A brilliant day was had by all, there was a great turnout and alot of effort was made by everybody! There were some great costumes and people went above and beyond to make it a fantastic day!

The costumes were amazing and a special apperance by Mickey and Minnie Mouse really got the crowds going.


These kind of events take a huge amount of organising, so we really want to say an enormous thank you to all those who got the raffle tickets, made the delicious cakes (there was some questionable looking shortbread to be fair but it did make a little girl with allergies to all the nice stuff smile so - something for everyone indeed!) and took the time to get their little super heroes sponsors so they could raise a lot of money. To you all in this time of tightening the purse strings and really knowing the value of money once again, we really are eternally gratefull that you took the time, ate the cake and spent the money just to help our little boy experience life the way he should.



And make money we did -the raffle and cake stall raised a massive £1200, so to everyone that made the delicious cakes and to all the people that bought cakes and raffle tickets we want to say a huge thank you! Some great raffle prizes were won such as a digital camera, ipod shuffle, chocolate hamper, italian hamper, beauty vouchers, meal for two, cut and blow dry voucher plus many congratulations to everybody that won the prizes. It was worth the extra wait and that extra bit of sunburn!


We do not have a total for the day yet because we are still waiting on quite a few peoples sponsor money to come in! We are at about £4000 at present but as soon as we have a final figure you will be the first to know! So if you haven't already collected your raffle money- don't be shy, go tracking your sponsors down- you did the walk and if you don't have the pictures to prove how daft you looked- just nick them from here- there are some corkers! Likewise if you have seen the pictures and read this and wished you had been able to attend or to contribute- it is never to late - you can visit the donations section of this site.


A HUGE THANK YOU once again, everyone's support has been amazing and without the help of all of the generous kind hearted people it would not be possible to continue raising the funds needed for our special little boy- a little boy that inspires me everyday!

It really does make a difference and we hope that through this site you can experience to some degree just how much you have helped to ensure our little boy not only gets the best out of life but that he is able to give all he has to offer- and believe me he has so much to offer the world!









Come and see 5 grown men dressed as the Spice Girls!!!!



A new event is taking place on Sunday 22nd July 2012 at Kelsey Park in Beckenham at 12pm there will be a Fancy Dress Sponsered walk where all the money raised will go towards new equipment for Charlie. This is exactly the same event as last year but with an added twist!! we are asking all adults and children alike to dress up!! With the idea that the more outrageous the fancy dress costume is, the more money will be raised. We already have Charlie's Dad, both his Uncles and two very close friends of the family dressing up us as the Spice Girls!! They will be walking the course dressed from head to toe in the iconic costumes, hair and make-up= the whole nine yards!! So if anyone can match that we would very much look forward to seeing that. If you would like to take part in this event and need sponsor forms please request them by emailing or calling Debbie on 07724 502 040 or Aimee on 07584 066 525.

We will also be holding a raffle with some great prizes to be won. A drink and cake stand will also be there to offer refreshments throughout the event. Please join us on the day and help us to make it a success and raise money for our special little boy!







First Event : 5th March 2011 Fake Hen Night!


First out of our bag of fundraising tricks is a night all girls look forward to- a hen night! This one is slightly different because there will be no wedding afterwards. However the usual code applies- what happens on the hen night (fake or otherwise) stays on the hen night! So get
out your fairy wings, cowboy boots and all things pink, fluffy and that shouldn't have even been worn in the eighties, and get yourself to Bromley, Kent (exact pub to be confirmed) for 6.30pm on the 5th March 2011 to start the pub crawl to Beckenham! So wear your most comfortable high heels and bring as many tiara's and wands as you like- because the aim of the game girls is to sell all of your fabulous costume accessories, ( somewhat similar to the popular children's game Buckaroo)! There will be buckets provided to collect money as well, and hopefully some t-shirts with Charlie on them.



Next Event: 20th March 2011 - Sponsored Family fun day

Right so once you have attended the fake hen night if you were doing it right you should be slightly worse for wear! So to blow off those cobwebs and the headache no amount of paracetamol will fix- join us for our family fun day. This event is for you whole family and you can walk, run, skip, jog, bike ride, (or for the trendy kids out there) scooter your way round Kelsey Park, West Wickham.
We aim to start at 12pm but do not worry if you are late because  there is lots
more happening! We have face painting and lots more to be confirmed, plus there is a fabulous picnicking area for you to make a day of it and spend some quality time with the family! Even those of you who hate the thought of any exercise, (believe me I am with you!) then just relax in the park whilst the person you sponsored gets red faced and sweaty, meet some new people and help a great cause at the same time.


Raffle- to be drawn at Family fun day 20th March 2011- updated prize list


OK Troops we have another great way for you to help Charlie! This raffle includes some excellent prizes so you can share in the fun even more. But you only have until the 20th March 2011 to get as many chances as possible to win some of these great prizes. The raffle will be drawn at the family fun day- and tickets will be available on the day.
Raffle tickets are £2 a ticket or £5 a strip

1st prize  is a signed, framed Wayne Rooney England shirt, 
(kindly donated by
2nd prize is a signed framed Steven Gerrard photo,
(kindly donated by
 3rd prize is a voucher for  a cut and blow dry at any Headmasters salon, 
4th prize is a  handmade christening shawl 
5th prize is an Alberion collection Porcelain doll (Emily)
6th prize is one VIP card for Pixie photo , includes free photo shoot , a 12" by 10"
print and many savings on other prints.
7th Prize is a Clynol summer bag

8th prize is a £15 gift voucher for 'baby, baby' which for those of you 

who do not know is a very nice baby shop in Beckenham!
9th prize is hand made crochet hat made 2 order from baby 2 adult.
10th prize is two tickets to adventure Kingdom


Money raised so far


Just so you all know that all your efforts are not wasted I have some amazing news for you all! The target as you know is £18,000 and because of the immense support, financially and otherwise we have received we have already managed to raise in excess of £6,800 !!!! This total excludes any sponsorship or raffle money that has yet to be taken into account!

We cannot describe how much this level of generosity is appreciated by Charlie's entire family, and despite the relentless blogging about planned events that we have lined up, at the heart of it is genuine gratitude for all those who have been involved in raising this unbelievable amount in such a short space of time, and indeed in the continuing fundraising efforts! All of your hard work is more than worth it so keep on doing what you are doing troops  and in no time we will have Charlie whizzing about on his new set of wheels!!

Money raised so far- new Total


Hi again troops! I can see you have all been super busy this week and it has really payed off because now our total funds raised is up to an incredible £10,090!!!!!!!!
There isn't a big enough font to fully emphasise how big an achievement this is or how incredibly grateful Charlie's family are, so you will have to settle for my ramblings for now!!!!
From every £10 that has been donated , every raffle ticket that has been bought right up to the astonishing anonymous donations of large sums of money,  this has resulted in a sum of money that we never thought possible to raise in such a short space of time!

Keeping the momentum going with fundraising can be tough but all of you out there must have been taking tips from Linford Christie( if you haven't seen the advert in question then I'm not mental it is a real thing!) and his PMA- Positive Mental Attitude! Because there is no slowing down and the funds have been coming in thick and fast- so lets keep having a great time fundraising whilst we try and get Charlie mobile! I was waiting to buy him a drum kit when he was big enough just so  but just think of the mischief he can get up to in a powered wheelchair- I know that Charlie is already imagining the possibilities!
So once again troops keep it up and thank you so much, and any events you have planned just e-mail I can get them straight on the blog!



Sponsored family fun day total!!!!!

Troops- if you didn't attend the family fun day let me tell you - you missed out. It was everything we hoped for and so much more! A fantastic day was had by all - and I have it on good authority the weather holding up was down to the lovely Emma Dibley- that woman has so many talents! The day had a few components and the money collected in the
buckets (as donations for the cakes etc) totalled a whopping £490!!!! This I am using as further proof for my cake theory , as although some seriously generous (and those with self control) people gave donations without wanting cake, the cakes went down a storm. The lovely Emma (and her gorgeous girl Jess), myself , Charlie's auntie Lynsey and the yummy mummy and daddy of Charlie whipped up a sensational array of cakes. In fairness the comparison of cakes was unfair as Ed (Charlie's dad) is a pastry chef and the man is seriously good at what he does! So my cakes felt a little mediocre in comparison but the beauty of children is if it has sugar in it they will eat it regardless of appearance! Also for you budding cake makers I have a top tip- don't fork out on expensive food mixers, not if you have a fabulous other half who you can dub chief mixer for the day- thank you Danny! And before you points of view political correctness nuts write to me- it isn't sexist because I am chief butterer at all other times! So to you Ed I say it was a draw- next time the cake showdown needs adult judges!!Which reminds me to apologise to the parents of the children who I imagine were on a serious sugar come down Sunday evening- just remember it was for a great cause!!
The best part of the day was watching the children come through the finishing line after doing the walk around the park- and for you sceptics who don't think they did it we gave them certificates to prove it- also see the pictures below to spot the child you sponsored. They all did amazingly well and had such a fun time- Charlie really enjoyed himself too and it was so lovely to see him and all the other children in it together and helping each other- if the kids are the future then going by that bunch of beautiful ones I am sure they will give the world back it's beauty. I haven't got a total figure of sponsorship money raised for all those who took part in the walk- as we are still collecting the money from all the sponsors. But lets put it this way once we have all f the sponsorship money in we should have reached the target for the wheelchair!!!!!!!!!!!!!
For all the small amounts given, the time donated and all of those showing support it has paid off!- And as I said before don't you worry reaching this incredible milestone so quickly warrants an entire page of extensive thank yous!!!!!!!
But to get back to the matter in hand- the other element of the day that helped us to get this far with the target was the raffle. The total amount raised by the raffle was a monstrous £715!!!!!!!!! This immense amount of money was raised primarily due to the calibre of raffle prizes. So to everyone who donated one thank you. And for those of you hoping you won - I have a list of the first 6 winners if the prizes so good luck- you may have won!!!!
1st Prize- Wayne Rooney Shirt   - winner Claire Fell
2nd prize- Steven Gerrard photo - winner Tina
3rd prize- cut and blow dry at headmasters - winner Doris Attard
4th prize- christening shawl -colleague of Claire Fell
5th prize - Porcelain doll- winner Anna Jackson
6th prize - Porcelain doll - winner Sarah Hall

More Thank you's !!!


Right so know you know we are back and that Cheeky Charlie is almost ready to gain his freedom , it's time you knew just how grateful we are!

The wheelchair is just tip of the iceberg for all
of the standing frames, body brace, special car, bath seats and splints etc he currently needs and will need in the future. So any continued contributions and extra money raised will certainly not be wasted- just to keep his muscles from deteriorating massively now he needs specialist treatments and equipment- this is to maintain the minimal usage he has of his body. So do not be disheartened that the wheelchair is not a fix all solution for him. Because the freedom it is going to bring is far superior to anything else money could buy! The frustration in his little face is all too apparent everyday and Aimee's back is suffering just as much from all the carrying and lifting, but they all carry on with a smile and a laugh. The struggle for the whole family will be ongoing , and hopefully so will the technology , so just so all of you out there know you have given not just Charlie but all of the family a new lease of life and the best possible start on their journey.
And don't worry we will make sure that we cover every milestone and every hiccup better than an Attenborough documentary! It may appear like pure vanity but we want you all to know just how important what you have done and achieved for Charlie is. And also so that one day when Charlie is old enough he will know exactly who to thank and what they did for him. ( I hope so because by then i don't think i will be able t type !)

There are so many people who we don't even know who we want to thank so much for everything! And to all of the below people we have listed - who whilst we have been absent have been collecting sponsor money etc it really is exceptional the effort and time you have all put in- and trust me it will never be forgotten.
So here we go the thank you's!

Thank you  and well done to Jade O'Connor who did a sponsored silence, ( her mum assured us this was no easy feat for Jade!) and lasted 7 hours, raising a tremendous £83!

We thank all of the Solicitors at 20 Essex Street ! They know what for- but i highly recommend them if you do get pulled up on an international drug smuggling charge!

A massive thank you to all those who organised and attended the event at Beba's nightclub in Bromley, in particular Wayne Mulcock , Mark Davey and Richard Bolton. A cracking night was had by all and a whopping £651 was raised! Beba's is a fantastic nightclub and very classy- so thanks Bebas for lowering the tone and letting us in!

Huge thanks to Abby Locke who held an event in Yates' in Yorkshire, whoever says students are tight couldn't be more wrong because the lovely Abby and her student chums raised a fabulous £630!!!

A big thank you goes out to all the patrons, staff  and musicians ,of the Fox and Hound pub, high street , Stony Stratford , who raised a brilliant £300!!! Special thanks for this great amount of money, in no particular order go to; Ken Fleg, and partner Katheryn for arranging the event, the band comprising of Trevor Jevans ( Keyboard), Dylan (Double bass) and Cathy ( singer, dancer and Charlie's promoter for the evening), and of course Colin (Drummer) who all donated their fees for the evening to Cheeky Charlie!!! Much appreciated!
Also big thanks to Reg ( a frequent customer of this establishment- rumour has it he has his own tankard behind the bar!) who very kindly made all the leaflets for the event and helped spread Charlie's message throughout the evening!

Rebecca Mchale - big thank you to you! She raised a cracking £457 after holding a cake sale at her work, FSA in Canary Wharf! Those city people are more generous then we realise so thank you Rebbecca and all those who bought!

Huge thanks go out to Emma Ahmet who not only is a fabulous waitress at the Harvester in Petts Wood but also raised £400 by holding an Easter egg sale! We really appreciate it Emma, ( and it just goes to show that we must eat out way too much for the staff to show so much support! )

We would finally like to thank Traci Sleet who raised a fabulous £256 by doing a sponsored 40 mile walk! Traci we hope the blisters have healed now and we really appreciate your support!

Everyone mentioned now, previously and those not mentioned we really do hope you know just what it means that you have put so much effort into helping Charlie! We thank you from the bottom of our hearts and hope you continue to check out the blog and see just how much you have helped Charlie and his whole family! See you all soon for some more updates and pictures of the little guy in his new wheels!!!